Quintero's Meat Company
4413 Durazno
El Paso Texas 79905
Phone: 915-351-2471  Fax: 915-351-2474

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Quintero's Brand Chorizo:

!!Available in Beef, Pork, or Turkey!!


                                                   Poultry Products:
                      Bone In/ Boneless                     
                                                       Leg Quarters

                                                       Whole Fryers                                                                           


                                                    Cheese Products:

                                   White Cheddar        Muenster Cheese

                                Asadero Cheese        Yellow/White Colby

                                            American Chesse Slice

                               Variety Of Immitation Cheese Products!


                                                          Deli Items:

                                     Buffet Ham               Boiled Ham
                                        Bologna                      Salami

                                   Bacon 18/22 10/14 Bacon Ends/Pcs

                            Franks (Hot Dogs) Variety Of Sizes By Case!


                                                Miscellaneous Items:    

                                        Hashbrowns        French Fries
                                         Soybean Oil               Eggs

                                           Variety of 6/10 Can Goods      

              Miscellaneous items sold by the case, "Insitutional Pack"!


For any pricing or ordering assistance please call Monday thru Friday between 6am - 2pm, Saturdays 6am - 12pm


Email us at sales@quinteromeat.com

 Or Follow us on Quintero's Facebook Page

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